You’ve seen my post on the 60 flower pins for Alpha Rho Zeta. Now let me tell you about the 39 shirts for the Unicore Maintenance Team (a Pruitt Health organization) at Christian City.

Unicore t-shirts

One of my prayers of late is that God bless me with group orders. He answered my prayer twice over. 

One of my church members, who I’ve made shirts for in the past, referred me to the opportunity.

There were a couple of minor challenges to sealing the deal, but when God ha something for you, it’s for you. Nothing can stop your blessing.

Unicore Front

I had a blast making them. It was their design idea. I was blessed to bring it to life.

Unicore back

If you are believing God for bigger, keep the faith. If you don’t think God hears you, Keep praying. Stay faithful to Him and your calling and watch Him work.