Benefits of kids jewelry making party activity
  1. Improves Fine Motor Skills. Grasping and in-hand manipulation skills are enhanced as children pick up, manipulate, and play with the beads and findings.
  2. Improves Visual Perception. Making beaded jewelry involves using visual memory, scanning, and visual selection. As children create, these skills combine to help them design and remember a beading pattern, scan for beads to use in the pattern and choosing beads that meets their design requirements.
  3. Enhances Hand-Eye Coordination. Threading beads onto a string involves coordination of hands and eyes.  Little hands and eyes must work together to put a design together.
  4. Improves Cognitive Skills by encouraging organization and planning. Children exercise their imagination to create a design unique to them. The decide for themselves what style of necklace or bracelet they want to make, what pattern they want to use, and what materials they’ll need to make their idea a reality.
  5. Improves Math Skills. During beading socials, children learn how to measure their necks and wrists. They learn to use a ruler, cut-to-measure, count, and add and subtract to create and maintain a pattern. Children are motivated to think through a real-life math problem to improve academic skills in this area.
  6. Builds Social Skills. Beading Parties promote sharing and cooperation, as children choose beads and complete their projects in a group setting. 

Beading gives kids a sense of accomplishment in completing their projects as independent, creative thinkers. It motivates them to express them creatively, and freely in a relaxing atmosphere surrounded by their peers.  Simply put, beading is just FUN, and kids love to have fun!

Are you ready to start exercising young minds with a beading social? Let’s get the party started at your school.