You love your jewelry. You love working out. But did you know that wearing your jewelry during a workout can damage it? Here are six reasons you shouldn’t work out in jewelry.   Learn why it's a bad idea to work out in jewelry
  1. You could lose it. Jewelry can slip off during a workout. If you wear fitness gloves, sweat can lubricate your fingers and make rings come of when you removing the gloves. In colder temperatures, our extremities shrink a little, making it easy for rings to slip off.
  2. You could break it. Rings, bracelets and necklaces can get caught in gym machines and break when you work out in jewelry.
  3. Sun damage is real. Jewelry that is exposed to the sun too long can become discolored, lose luster and become brittle.
  4. Sweat and metals don’t jive. Your sweat has chemicals in it. These chemicals can damage your gold, silver and platinum jewelry, not to mention the dulling effect it can have on gemstones.
  5. Swimming pools and jewelry don’t mix. If Clorox is chlorine bleach, then it stands to reason that chlorine in pools can damage and discolor gemstones. It can also erode gemstones.
  6. Permanent damage is a real possibility. This one if for the Tough Mudders, obstacle course lovers and gardeners out there. Rocks and dirt are abrasive. You can scratch, nick or cut the stones in your fashion and fine jewelry.
Am I saying to not work out if you are a jewelry lover? No, I am not. Get those workouts in! Just do it the right way. #PreserveYourBling. Remove your jewelry before you work out. It will last a very long time. How do you #preserveyourbling when you work out? Tell us in the comment section below.