I love it when I am given a theme and a challenge. My custom jewelry clients are the best at doling out both whenever the mood for new jewelry strikes them. Custom jewelry client Vermyra of Philadelphia Pennsylvania is no exception. Her theme was purple. Her request was a necklace, earrings and a challenging ring design. Her request came with an inspiration photo accompanied by the following message sent via Facebook Messenger: “Hi! I have faith in you. Purple & silver please and thank you with a necklace and ring. I’ll be waiting on the price.” We went forth with our negotiations on the custom jewelry set right there on Facebook messenger. I invoiced her. She paid, and I designed and handcrafted the following:   Custom Necklace custom-necklace-vermyraWhen I looked at Vermyra’s inspiration photo, I noticed the chain hanging from the metal breastplate in the necklace. For this interpretation, I took the look of the chain and shape of the breastplate and formed a wire-wrapped necklace pendant with small amethyst nuggets flowing throughout. Custom Earrings I always have a ball when I design custom earrings. There are so many possibilities. A client like Vermyra who loves big bold things makes it so much easier to just be free. Here’s is my interpretation of her inspiration earrings. She loved these. Custom Ring received_10207886953064837 I must say I was rather nervous about this ring. The only other ring I’ve made is the Wazzala Adjustable Wire-wrapped Ring.  I was a bit caught off guard. I didn’t know what I’d end up making. As panic-mode set in, an idea hit me – just in the nick of time. This Argentium silver wire-wrapped ring came out beautifully with an amethyst center stone and quartz accents on each side. Amethyst is my stone of choice whenever someone wants a purple design. The gemstone has so much positive energy and a great meaning. Amethyst is a stone of wisdom and sober mindedness. Worn in a necklace it is great for meditation. What do you think of Vermyra’s custom jewelry? Do you love her Purple Reign?