Meghan Markle engagement ring. Image source: Elle UK

Meghan Markle is going to be a B.A.P., black American princess, thanks to Prince Harry of England bending the knee and putting a ring on it. I’m so very excited for them both. The royal engagement ring is the perfect example of why I love custom jewelry, designed and made from the heart.

With this ring, Prince Harry is not only wedding Ms. Markle, he is paying a beautiful sentiment to his mother, the late Princess Diana. If she is in heaven, she must be smiling down on her son, because he did THAT!

During the CNN interview, Ms. Markle glowed with genuine happiness and excitement. Harry, sharing the story of the trinity-style engagement ring, which the Prince designed made me swoon.

Ms. Markle’s engagement ring is set in gold, which happens to be her favorite metal. The big rock in the middle is a diamond from Botswana, where the adorable couple vacationed to celebrate her birthday. The two smaller diamonds came from Princess Diana’s brooch which was passed down to the Prince.

The thought counts when giving gifts. Prince Harry obviously thought of the love he has for the two most important women in his life – his mom and his soon-to-be-wife.  You can’t question that genuineness of his love for Ms. Markle when he proposes with a ring that carries so much meaning.

Custom jewelry always will be my favorite to wear and make. This is an example of why. Custom jewelry carries so much meaning. No matter what happens in life or how many years pass, the sentiment will endure forever. And, the sentiment, the story and the ring will pass from generation to generation.

What do you think of sentiment behind Meghan Markle’s engagement ring?