I have this customer, named Monique Garner. Monique is a loving wife and mother, woman of God, loyal friend, gifted artist, and super star bresst survivor.  She's laid back. Just a real cool chick. 


When I shared the Monique Hoop Earrings during a live Periscope broadcast, Monique was the first to buy them. So, I named them after her. I do that from time to time - name a new piece of jewelry after a customer.

monique hoop earrings

When I looked up her name, I found that it's French name meaning Wise or Advisor.  My easy-going friend and customer Monique is very wise and a good advisor.


I'm proud to have given these hoop earrings her name. She wears them well. 

She gifted her first pair, the Monique Big Hoop Earrings, to her sister. She later came back and purchased them again for herself. She opted for the medium size Monique Hoop Earrings.

She wears them well. Don't you think?