Drop earrings are some of the most beautiful earrings to wear. You can dress them up or down depending on what you're wearing and for what ocassion.  Just in time for Valentine's Day, my third eye gave birth to these stunning drop earrings. eloise-drop-earrings-etsy   These drop earrings are a truly original design. I can't wait to see what variations are birth from this base idea. The Isabelle earrings are made from brass which using a coiling technique. The round, red Chinese crystal beads glimmer as they playfully dangle from the center. eloise-drop-earrings-etsy-2 The red crystals ar faceted so they sparkle as light hits them at various angles. The crystals are wire-wrapped and joined in a wrap with wire encasing each crystal.     eloise-drop-earrings-etsy-3 Find drop earrings and other designs at my etsy shop or at AyanaGlazeJewelry.com. I love it when a design comes together.  I'd love your thoughts on my new drop earrings?