We are fully into the holiday shopping season.
The stores and internet are in overdrive as scores of folks look for the perfect gift. 

As you search for the perfect gift remember that it’s okay to be EXTRA. As a matter of fact, I highly recommend it.

What does being extra look like when gift-giving?

Gifting is all about the thought and putting more into it than giving cash or giving something quick,easy, and cheap. Make your gifts stand out. Go the extra mile. Do something unexpected.

Two ways to be extra are customization and personalization.

Custom, Handcrafted Gifts Are Unique, Exclusive and Extra

Consider having a gift custom made for someone special. When you order custom gifts, you can have them tailored specifically to the recipient’s size, favorite color, decor scheme, etc. Your gift will be memorable because it will show you put extra thought and effort into finding a unique more memorable gift.

Personalized Gifts - Extra Is All On the Name

People love receiving gifts with their names, nicknames, and initials on them. That’s a fact! Which would you prefer to receive - a bag or a bag with your initials on it? What about a chain necklace or a chain necklace with an initial charm?

I once sponsored a gifting suite for honorees and speakers for an Atlanta awards show. I received a call from one of the honorees all because I did extra by monogramming his initials on a jewelry pouch.

Remember being extra is okay this holiday season. Just remember that it’s the thought that counts not the amount of money you spend. 

Need help going the extra mile? Let me help you with custom or personalized gifts.