A former co-worker asked me to design custom jewelry for a friend. She requested an aum bracelet made with sodalite. As she provided more details about the reasoning for her specific request for this gemstone in the custom jewelry design, I learned the bracelet would be a true artistic expression of her friend's personality and of the well-wishes she sought to bestow. Sodalite was the PERFECT gemstone for this project!
Sodalite Ohm Bracelet Designed by Glaze Jewelry
My former co-worker's friend, also a former co-worker, was approaching the end of her studies to become a Yoga instructor. This was a graduation gift. Also, the budding yoga teacher is a very natural and laid back personality. Again, sodalite was the PERFECT gemstone for this graduation gift!

Why Sodalite Makes Sense in This Custom Jewelry Design

Sodalite, a dark blue stone with specks of white calcite specks throughout, is very natural looking gemstone. It is said to be a gemstone of  power, promoting inner peace and harmony and increasing endurance. Perfect for a budding yoga instructor, huh? Also, sodalite is a stone of luck. Of course, her BFF is wishing her luck along her new path. Finally, I had a little insider info about my co-worker who was soon to add yoga instructor to her title. She has often spoke of her concerns with her thyroid. Sodalite, as it happens, is said to be a healing stone with specific healing properties related to the thyroid. Like I said, sodalite was a perfect gemstone choice. Of course, the aum charm was the finishing touch as the ohm is the sound of meditation in yoga practice and religions like Hinduism and Buddism. Aums are said to help those in practice form a deeper connection with God and the universe. Once again...the perfect gift! How well do you know your best friend? What stone would you choose for him/her?