See why I find men's jewelry so sexy
So, I was in Organic Stones bead store last week and two men come into the store. One of the men was making a necklace for himself. His friend looked puzzled by the store, the beads and his buddy’s infatuation with the stones.As I observed the one who was making jewelry, I was drawn into a conversation. The DIY-jewelry maker began to ask me what I thought about the stones (tigers eye and black onyx) he was using in his piece, if I knew there meanings, and what I thought about how he planned on incorporating the stones and a custom-made medallion into the necklace.Meanwhile, his friend looked on bewildered by our conversation and began to shake his head. He spoke, “I don’t get it.” The guy making the jewelry replied, “This is spiritual man! These stones mean something.” The guy making the jewelry looked at me and said, “Help me out here!” I replied, “There’s just something sexy about a man wearing a nice piece of jewelry – a piece of men's jewelry that reeks of masculinity and raw sex appeal.” The guy making jewelry responded, “There you have it, man! And, this woman knows what she is talking about, too. Jewelry is sexy!” He didn’t know that I’m a men’s jewelry artist (can’t wait for those business cards to come). In my opinion, men’s jewelry is very sexy. The right men's bracelet, necklace or earring complementing the right outfit is appealing to me.  I love jewelry on a man like I love to smell cologne on a man. But, not just any men's jewelry will do. It needs to be classy, raw, masculine and sexy with an oomph! factor that is so natural, so fitting that you really can’t put your finger on why you love it or why you love him in it. You just do! Peace & Blessings!