Wire wrapped earrings are quickly becoming some of my favorite designs. My Celia snake earrings are perhaps my favorite wire wrapped earrings I've designed to date. [caption id="attachment_56" align="aligncenter" width="447"]Celia wire wrapped earrings are snake earrings by Ayana Glaze Jewelry My Celia Wire wrapped earrings feature a snake design crafted from brass, crystals and jade[/caption]

Why I Love These Wire Wrapped Earrings So Much

These snake earrings represent so much to me. They are sexy, funky and chic. They are fun to wear. But most importantly, these earrings are symbolic of me slowly overcoming my fear of snakes and embracing the personal growth they represent. I grew up in a small Georgia town. Snakes were normal there. I could be playing outside and a garden snake would sliver its way on the lawn.  My dad would take me for drives and sometimes point out black snakes or rattle snakes on the side of the road. I hated snakes. They scared the heck out of me. Yep! They still do! But I've learned to respect their place in my life.

Snake Earrings Symbolic of Personal Growth

Celia Snake earrings shown as worn

I sometimes dream about the slimy creatures. I remember most of the dreams, usually warning of some sort of deception. The dreams angered me, but they also prepared me for what was to come - a change in friendship or a betrayal. My snake dreams made me more alert and increased my intuition and discernment. I experienced some form of personal growth with each dream. Eventually, I stopped being angry and appreciated the dreams. These wire wrapped earrings are in honor of those dreams. I wear them proudly. Although I still have a fear of real snakes, I am slowly embracing the idea of the snake. I have a healthy respect and appreciation of them as spiritual creatures and what they represent. Have you learned to embrace a fear of snakes or another animal?