I was reading Genesis 8:22 when God inspired me to create a collection based on the principle of seedtime and harvest. But I struggled!

How could I simplify the biblical concept of seedtime and harvest without burying the lead and alienating customers who simply might be interested in the collection because of its beauty?

So, I reached out to my pastor who helped with a bit of spiritual brainstorming. As I talked out my ideas, she broke it down to me based on what she was hearing me say. Words like origin, beginning and foundation.

And, boom! There is was! Right there in my face. Genesis.

Eliza Large Hoop Earrings


It was right there. Simple. The creation of things. The beginning. The origin. The foundation. 

The origin of hoop earrings starts with a blank slate of the basic hoop shape. Start with that seed and a harvest of style abundance is sure to follow. 

GENESIS is my foundation collection of hoop earrings in seed-like shapes -  hammered and textured of course. You know I love texture and curves. Currently, the collection features circular hoop earrings and oval hoop earrings in sizes ranging from small to huge. 

Elena Large Oval Hoop Earrings

The simplicity of this collection taps into something I love. The powerful simplicity of a classic pair of hoops, like the Monique Earrings. You can make an everyday style statement without a lot of fuss.

I create the hoops in this collection using sterling silver, Argentium silver, rose gold-filled, and gold-filled metals. If requested, I happily make them in solid gold. 

Event customer stops by our popup to get her Eliza Hoop Earrings

Whether you prefer petite charmers, mid-size beauties, or grand dazzlers, the Genesis collection has hoop styles to suit your discerning jewelry taste.  I'm excited to release more styles to adorn your lovely lobes in my Spring 2019 collection update.

What's your hoop earring style?