I love me some hoop earrings y'all! 

Whenever I run to the store, I make sure to put on two essentials - lipstick and hoop earrings. They are so easy to pair with almost anything I choose to wear.

Still, with all the wear comes tear. One of this biggest challenges I've found with hoop earrings is maintaining the shape. It doesn't matter how thick or how hard the metal, sometimes hoops get bent out of shape. If you're like me, you get bent out of shape,  too.

Learn how to protect the shape of your hoop earrings

How to Keep Your Hoop Earrings In Shape

  1. Store them in a jewelry box.  When you remove them for the night, put them in a jewelry box for storage. This will prevent them from falling on the floor and getting bent.
  2. Don't haphazzardly drop your hoop earrings in your purse. Your pocketbook is a pit full of surprises that could cause your earrings to break, bend, or get pulled out of shape.
  3. Wear earring backs and stoppers. These keep your earrings from falling out of your ears. Plus, you'll be less likely to lose an earring.
  4. Wear earrings that are the right size. I am a lover of big hoop earrings. The bigger the better. Just make sure those big hoops are the right size for you. If they are too big, they can bend when you lean your head to the side. They can get pulled on clothing and other accessories, also.
  5. Dont sleep in them. Dont sleep in your hoop earrings. You might bend them.

What about you? How do you protect the shape of your hoops?